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Quantock Messenger Article, September 2014

Following on from May’s article about the Recreation ground, we are pleased to announce that the RLT2 funding for the play area has been agreed. We are still waiting for a final response from Viridor Credits before equipment can be chosen and work can begin.

We have been given notice by the church that in 2015 they will be formally asking us to take over maintenance of the closed churchyard, walls, railings, trees, ground maintenance etc. The parish council is unable to refuse this request. We already cover the cost of grass cutting through the Summer but the additional items may involve considerable expense which would fall on the precept. As a result many parish councils in this position ask the District Council to take on this responsibility. We cannot however do this until we have been officially notified. There are advantages and disadvantages in taking this course of action, one of which may be an increase in rates by the District Council in order to cover the cost.

The council have now finished their verge/hedgecutting in the area and it is landowners responsibility to undertake the remaining maintenance of their boundaries and ensure the highways are safe for all users.