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Quantock Messenger Article, December/January 2014

During the Remembrance day ceremony on the Cross in Nether Stowey, Over Stowey Parish Council was presented with two hardback books. One of these contains the names of all those serving in the forces from Nether Stowey and Over Stowey, who died on active service during the two World Wars. The other book details the history and building of the Stone memorial on the Cross. If anyone wishes to study these books in the short term please contact Richard Curtis. Our intention is to build a locked glass cabinet in the village hall where the books will be displayed. Application can them be made to the Village Hall committee to have the cabinet unlocked.

We have had no suggestion from the public as to any projects that might be eligible for funding from the Greater Landscape Development fund. Private funding needs to amount to 25% of the project with up to 75% being provided by the Development fund. We would welcome suggestions as soon as possible as the next application deadline is in January.

Hedgecutting is now taking place all round the village. Much of the debris builds up in the nearby ditches and causes a blockage. Once the rains seriously arrive this can cause flooding. Please clean out any ditches in your vicinity before the problem escalates and floodwater becomes trapped. Grit will again be available if roads become icy but as we only have ā€œCā€ class roads they will not be gritted by the council and it will be a DIY job.

We wish all our parishioners a happy Xmas and New Year.