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Quantock Messenger Article, April 2014

The village hall in Over Stowey is a popular venue for events. Participants frequently arrive by car and where at all possible these cars should be parked in the car park provided. Please try to park as tidily as possible so the maximum number of cars can be fitted in.over stowey road If you are disabled ask your driver to drop you off and park the car afterwards. The lane is very narrow at the point directly outside the church gate and farmers frequently need to be able to negotiate the corner with large vehicles. Also please have a regard for residents who need to be able to drive out of their gates while cars are parked in the lane. On no account park a car to the left of the church gates (there is a sign requesting no parking). Try to restrict parking to the right for disabled persons who are driving themselves. And refrain from parking at the narrowest point outside the village hall.

The children’s play area contained within the cricket ground field has been left in an untidy state. The debris will shortly be removed and, working with the Recreation Club, the Parish Council are trying to obtain funding to refurbish the area with a safety surface and to erect a new fence. Consultations are currently taking place with Sedgemoor District Council and Viridor.

The Parish Council have received an application via Sedgemoor District Council regarding one of the bridlepaths that passes through Pepperhill Farm. The new owners wish to stop up bridlepath BW26/80 which commences in the middle of the farmyard and passes roughly West through the fields to enter the woods South of Keepers Combe. Instead they wish travellers from the South to use BW26/30 to go North past the farm, then turn back South on BW26/31 cutting across West to access the gate into the wood. BW 26/30 was traditionally the route connecting the hamlet of Plainsfield to Adscombe and Aley, BW26/80 Plainsfield to Quantock Farm via Floorey Down, and BW26/31 Adscombe and Aley to Cockercombe and Triscombe Stone. So these three rights of way had very specific (and different) functions. An alternative would have been for the landowner to offer to divert the bridleway South of the farm buildings so that that section of BW26/80 was not entirely lost and still provided a logical access for travellers from the South. If you feel strongly about a right of way being permanently “lost” (and maybe setting a precedent) please make your views know to the parish council or make an objection directly to Sedgemoor District Council before April 16th.