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Notice of Election for July 2nd Election

Election Timetable for July 2nd Election

Election Results - May 7th 2015

There were no candidates nominated for the seven seats on Over Stowey Parish Council at the May 7th Election. The Parish Council is therefore inactive until the elction is re-run. The district coucil have anounced dates for the new election.

Quantock Messenger Article, May 2015

It has come to our attention that dogs are constantly being allowed to foul Over Stowey cricket field. In future dogs will not be permitted on the Ground so please refrain from exercising your dog there. On the subject of dog mess, properties at the bottom of Bincombe Hill are having their drains and ditches blocked by plastic bags full of mess. Please do not use plastic bags if you are going to dispose of them in this way.

Regarding the lease for the land adjoining the Cricket field, draft lease documents are now passing back and forth between Somerset County Council and the solicitors. There has been some delay due to staff leaving and the incompatibility of documents between one computer and another. Some plans also need to be redrafted to apply for the licence to park cars.

Alison Hoare, our village agent, could take on a larger case load, but any parishioners wanting help must apply in the first instance. Alison is not allowed to approach them, even if it is known that her services might be required. So if you know anyone who needs help, please encourage them to contact Alison.

We are still waiting for Highways to address the outstanding road repair issues.