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Quantock Messenger Article, June 2014

It has been brought to our attention that individuals and builders are using the parish for fly tipping. Waste rubbish such as bathroom equipment, broken tiles, empty paint cans, piles of soil etc are being dumped in farmer’s gateways and patches of woodland. In all probability the perpetrators are not from the parish at all but if any resident sees these dumpings being carried out please try to take the registration number of the vehicle and pass onto the parish council. Unfortunately if this waste is reported to Sedgemoor District Council they are unable to remove it as it has been dumped on private land. We trust that no one who actually lives here would behave in this way. Residents will be pleased to know that the council tip in Bridgwater is now open 7 days a week.

Somerset County Council will shortly be undertaking their annual grass cutting. A and B routes (major roads) are having their verges cut now. C routes (the majority of roads in our parish) will be cut between 3rd June and 29th July. Highway verges are cut to a minimum of one metre in width from the road side to provide a safe area for pedestrians, preserve visibility and help the flow of surface water along road channels. Visibility sight lines are also cut so that it is easier for road users and pedestrians to see at road junctions and on bends. Each highway verge, including junction visibilities, will be cut once during this season, except A and B road visibilities which will be cut twice. Where there are no verges and the roads are immediately bordered by a bank or hedge, we carry out a single swathe vertical cut of seasonal growth. However, the majority of hedges bordering the highway are privately owned. Landowners and occupiers have to maintain their boundary, except between 1 March and 31 July (bird nesting season) to make sure their hedge, tree or shrub does not obstruct highway users or lines of sight at junctions. Landowners must also remove any debris from the road surface to prevent nuisance and to stop it blocking surface water drainage systems.
We have had a visit from a new AONB ranger, Rebekah West. She updated us with their current activities on the hill. These included trying to prevent off roading with vehicles at such places as Wilmot’s Pool. They are going to try and work out some environmentally friendly defences which do not spoil the natural beauty of the area. Now that parking has to be paid for in Ramscombe, visitors have taken to having BBQs on the hill instead, this is extremely dangerous as fires could easily be started and leaving instant BBQ trays in the area could injure wildlife. Please can regular walkers look out for any signs of this happening and inform the rangers or the parish council. They have also conducted a deer survey on the hill and there is a healthy population of approximately 500 animals at present.