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Quantock Messenger Article, November 2014

Its that time of year again! FIREWORKS. Please please please, if you are planning to have fireworks, tell your neighbours. Think of anyone in the vicinity who has horses, cattle, sheep or even dogs. Animals can easily get injured if they panic and they can hear the noise from some distance away. If you let your neighbours know what you are planning they can keep their stock confined until your display has finished. Or they can keep watch over them in their fields. In this respect it is helpful if you keep as near to the traditional date as possible so that the period of disruption is confined. Better still go and watch an organised display well away from the animals.

There is an opportunity to obtain funding for certain projects via the Greater Landscape Development fund (details on the Quantock Hills website), if any parishoners have any ideas in this respect please contact the parish council.

Remember events in the forest:
09 November                          Orienteering - Cockercombe
06 (pm) & 07 (am) December   Sled Dog Event
To avoid or spectate!